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Toward a Diagnosis Driven Profession 2016


March 19, 2016 Los Angeles


This conference was supported in part by NIDCR 5R01DE021051 and 5R01DE023061 protocols. See below for related bibliography.



Researchers from Harvard School of Dental Medicine and the University of Pittsburgh, with support from the IADR Global HQ staff, Practice Management Information Corporation (PMIC) and Delta Dental, held a conference about the adoption of standardized diagnostic terminologies (DxTMs) by dental professionals to improve oral health in the United States.


Together, the participants explored the three critical challenges to enable the widespread use of DxTMs: (1) improving clinicians’ awareness of the relationship between structured diagnostic data and the ability to monitor quality and costs in their dental practices; (2) enabling the interoperability of EHR systems by using mapped DxTMs; and (3) enhancing the ease of entering diagnostic terms in EHRs at the point of care.




Please see our news page for major updates from this conference, including the harmonization of DDS with SNODENT to become SNO-DDS, or expand the links below to see more information on this event.




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